Michelangelo’s Real Estate

Michelangelo’s Grave, by Giorgio Vasari,  in the Church of S. Croce, Florence (A GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 photo by Wknight94, Cleanup adjustments: Jaakobou, published here.

Michelangelo made this list of his Florentine property in 1534.  It was used to determine his  catasto, a property tax. The valuations are shown in fiorini, soldi, and denari.

In 1534 Michelangelo was 59. This declaration does not include any of the purchases he made during the next thirty years, when he lived in Rome and the money really began to roll in.

A farm situated in the parish of Sta. Maria Nuova at Settignano, with house for landowner and laborer and arable land, etc.

22 f.

Properties Acquired and Bought

A farm with laborer’s house and arable land, vines, fruit trees, and woodland, situated in the parish of St. Stefano at Pazzolatica, a property alled Capiteto, bought by me on January 27, 1506.

34 f.    8s.

A house situated in Via Ghibellina, in the parish of S. Pier Maggiore, bounded on one side by a street and on the other by the hereditament of Ser Alberto and other buildings, for my own occupation.

Michelangelo’s house in Florence

Another small house adjoining the said house, bought by me from Benedetto d’ Andrea Bonsi.

2 f.    1s.     6d.

A plot of arable land comprising 8 staiore [i.e. sufficient for the sowing of 8 bushels of seed] in the parish of S. Stefano-in-Pane, a property called Stradello, bought by me on June 20, 1512.

3 f.   16s.

A farm situated in the parish of S. Maria at Settignano, house for laborer, bought 1515.

16 f.     8s.      3d.

A farm with house for landlord and laborer, situated in the parish of S. Stefano-in-Pane, a property called La Loggia, bought May 28, 1512.

42 f.    14s.

A plot of land with a peasant’s cottage in the parish of S. Maria at Settignano. I bought it myself in 1520.

2 f.    8s.

A farm with house for laborer, with arable land, vines, in the parish of S. Michelangelo at Rovezzano, a property called Fitto, bought October 27, 1519
A house in Via Ghibellina, parish of Pier Maggiore  [this seems to be the same house listed above].

18 f.   11s.

A building site situated in Via Mozza, parish of S. Lorenzo, bought from the Chapter of S. Maria del Fiore, July 14, 1518.

amount omitted

Total:        216 f.    14s.      3d.

My source is Appendix 6 of Vol. 1 of The Letters of Michelangelo, translated and edited by E.H. Ramsden, Stanford University Press, 1963


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