Sculpture and Carving 2

How I Learned to Carve Marble

Carving Michelangelo’s Marble

Statues As Gems
To Drill or Not to Drill

To Polish or Not to Polish
How to Achieve the Illusion
A Great Sculptor

Sculpted Eyes


Beautiful Clothes
Michelangelo’s Marble Quarries Today
Six Pieces Stuck Together
How Do You Do a Saint?
Michelangelo’s First Two Statues
I Saw Michelangelo Carve
Michelangelo’s Mysterious Carving Method
Michelangelo’s Only Low Relief
Rodin’s Kiss
Greek Horses
Greek Statues Were Painted
Michelangelo’s Mysterious Giants
The Pietà Michelangelo Destroyed
Sculpting the Gates of Heaven
Sculpture vs. Painting
Michelangelo’s Jogging Saint
What Shall He Wear?

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