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  1. Where would Munch place? This man was top notch.

  2. ursula28 says:

    The problem is that most of his paintings are so depressing. Sometimes they look like psychiatric projections, and the way that “The Scream” and “The Kiss” (and in fact little else) have become part of everyman’s cultural make-up is symptomatic in a way that mirrors sentimental bivalence all over.
    In short, I find that upsetting indeed.

  3. I see your point, although I don’t find the depressing/dark nature to be the problem-I think he projected light on the area in life many people like to over look and act like doesn’t exist. Seems as though he was a realist on intent and theory but was very much impressionistic in portraying these matters. I love how he was a fantastic realistic/technical artist which people during his age went crazy over, but he chose to not paint this way-which I feel says a lot about the man personally. I’m so happy I found this site, finally a place to talk ART!

  4. Bernadette-R says:

    I’d side with Ursula, though maybe for different reasons.
    Thanks to the media, the tragic side of existence is in dailly oversupply which is hard not to see and even harder to avoid for any length of time. The more catastrophic their selections, the broader and the more powerful the audience of TV stations and newspapers commanding the attention of millions and setting up global trends that feed curiosities, sentimentalism, and apathy. Munch and others seem to me to point the same way, and of course I realize that there might be something I don’t get right. As far as I can see, the idea is for everyone to surrender their intellect and join the mood. And as far as I am concerned, I would really have to bow out..

  5. Very interesting take-although I think the initial mood of a painting can easily persuade a viewer to turn his or her cheek, instead of looking deeper into a piece and understanding the the true message. This of course is all in personal opinion, I’ve personally been most influenced by darker pieces of art that may initially seem to say one thing, but after looking deeper, say something completely different. To the contrary, many bright and seemingly peaceful works, carry extremely depressing/dark messages. Also, I don’t believe comparing Munch’s work to today’s media is even slightly applicable-media used negative and frightful stories because thats what interest humans the most. Munch’s work comes of depressing because thats the way he personally felt or wanted it to seem, not to get peoples attention.

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