What is Beauty?
The Promise of Happiness
You Learned Beauty
An Artist or a Thinker?
Is Beauty a Sin?
The Perfect Work of Art

How to Receive the Spell

Make it Up

Superseding Beauty

Beauty As a Grace
Where Did Beauty Go?
Beauty Makes You a Slave
A Biography of Beauty
Beauty Scientifically
Artists Itch
Why Didn’t Laocoön Shout?

4 Responses to BEAUTY

  1. Anonymous says:

    some person eye clou in fine?

  2. chloarte
    Chloe Ng says:

    Hi! I just wish to say that I enjoy reading your blog very much! I was trying to look up your name anywhere in this blog up failed to. Perhaps I missed out something. Anyway, I love Renaissance art and especially Italian Renaissance art very much and have just started learning and reading more about them, and looking at them. Your blog is a great start to someone who is new to it all. Thanks! Chloe

  3. chloarte
    Chloe Ng says:

    Thanks for the other blog!! I’m sure I’d enjoy reading it as well. Guess you’ll just be 100swallows or 100falcons then :)

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